Fish Tycoon for Nintendo DS ships- 10/16/2007
  You can now order Fish Tycoon for DS from Amazon!    
  Pre-Order Fish Tycoon for Nintendo DS from Amazon- 8/22/2007
  You can now pre-order Fish Tycoon for DS from Amazon! The game will ship around mid october.  
  Fish Tycoon announced for Nintendo DS in late 2007- 7/12/2007
  BRISTOL, UK, June 12, 2007 Majesco Entertainment announced that Fish Tycoon, the fish-breeding simulation game for PC, is coming to the Nintendo DS.  
  Fish Tycoon for Mobile Phones- 5/23/2007  

Available now also for your mobile phones!

The game is available directly through your mobile phone or through at&t/cingular

  Fish Tycoon for Windows in Retail- 10/11/2006
Fish Tycoon has landed on store shelves of EBgames and Best Buy, thanks to the publishing efforts of Big Fish Games and Activision.  
  Fish Tycoon gets an E for Everyone rating from ESRB- 9/16/2006
  Virtual Villagers gets an E for Everyone rating from ESRB.
  Field Trip from the Students of University of Genova, Italy - 09/14/2006
We had our first field trip to our offices. Selected enginering students from the University of Genova, Italy were visiting different companies in the Bay Area. We were very happy about sharing our indie experience with these motivated students and explaining the casual game industry to them. We wish great luck to all of them.
  Post Mortem of Fish Tycoon during Casuality in Seattle - 07/14/ 2006
  We had the chance to share our experience during development of Fish Tycoon at the Casual Game Conference in Seattle. Topics included things that went well and bad, what took longer than we had expected, what was most successful about the launch and the least successful, did we ever have doubts that the game would sell and if we missed any marks.
  Fish Tycoon released for Mac - 06/07/2006
SAN FRANCISCO,CA – June 07, 2006 – Honey, did you forget to feed the fish?
Last Day of Work is introducing the Mac version of “Fish Tycoon”. Already a hit game on the Windows platform, the game allows players to cross-breed, nurture and grow beautiful exotic fish in a virtual aquarium, as they search for the fabled ‘7 magic fish of Isola’. [Read More]
  Fish Tycoon among the winners of the iParenting Media Awards-
  We are pleased to announce that Fish Tycoon for Windows is among the winners of the iParenting Media Awards for the Best Products.  
  Seeking Beta Testers for Fish Tycoon for Mac- 03/16/2006
We need some experienced and observant testers for our upcoming Fish Tycoon for MAC. If you are enthusiastic, have a good eye for bugs and typos and have a MAC OSX (or OS10) , go to our support and drop us a note with the following information:-Your name/email, your previous beta testing experience (if any) and something interesting about you. Please note that you need to be over 18 and be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. [Beta Closed]
  Usatoday Reviews Fish Tycoon- 03/06/2005
With Fish Tycoon, a simulation game for Windows PCs, families can have all the fun and none of the mess while maintaining three tropical fish aquariums. At the same time, the program teaches kids about genetics, running a fish-breeding business and pet responsibility " USA Today  
  Lehrreiche Aquarium-Simulation jetzt auch in Deutsch verfügbar -
01/16/ 2006
SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 16, 2006– Hey Schatz, hast du etwa vergessen, die Fische zu füttern?
Diese Frage kommt häufiger auf, wenn die deutsche Version von "Fish Tycoon" auf dem Windows-Rechner gestartet wird. Das bunte Spiel von Last Day of Work bittet den Spieler darum, sich um ein virtuelles Aquarium zu kümmern. Im feuchten Nass tummeln sich Fische verschiedener Arten, die es zu umsorgen, zu füttern und zu vermehren gilt. Nebenbei muss sich der Spieler auch noch auf die Suche nach den "7 magischen Fischen der Isola" machen. [Read More] Reviews Fish Tycoon- 01/10/ 2005
"Fish Tycoon shows us just how addicting and fun real-time games can be. What I really like about "Fish Tycoon" is that while it is addictive, I can have it running while I do other things, like answering email or work. You can check on it once an hour for a few minutes, and go back to work. I recommend everyone at least download the demo."
  GameTunnel Gives Silver Award to Fish Tycoon- 12/01/2005

It is really a great game focused on cross-breeding fish to create new breeds.." Game Tunnel

  Fish Tycoon Released for Windows- 11/14/ 2005
SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 16, 2005 – Honey, did you forget to feed the fish?
Last Day of Work is introducing “Fish Tycoon for Windows,” a PC game that simulates the real world of caring for exotic fish by requiring users to feed, nurture and monitor the virtual fish. “Fish Tycoon for Windows” is unique among real-time games, in that the fish will continue to prosper, multiply, or die, even if the game is off. The game can only be suspended if set on pause... [Read More]
  Fish Tycoon submitted to the IGF- 10/10/ 2005
  We entered Fish Tycoon to the 8th Annual Independent Game Festival (IGF). The IGF was established in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers. Finalists will be announced in December 2006 and winners will be able to showcase their game during the Game Developer Conference held in San Jose in March 2006.
  Fish Tycoon hatches the Handango Champions Award- 06/24/ 2005
Miami, Florida., Handango Summit, June 24, 2005–– Fish Tycoon has been honored with the Handango Champion Award for Best Application for Play at the fifth annual Handango Partner Summit . Selected from thousands of nominations, the Handango Champion Winners were chosen by a panel of industry experts and media. [Read More]
  Fish Tycoon wins the Parents Choice Recommended Award- 09/30/ 2004
  SAN FRANCISCO - - September 30, 2004 - LDW Software has received the 2004 Parents' Choice Recommended Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation. Fish Tycoon for Palm OS was rated suitable for players aged 6 & Up by the Foundation. "For anyone entertained by simulation or strategy games, it will be an immediate favorite." stated the review from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. "Fish Tycoon is clearly fun to play at any age. Moreover, it passed my educational content test with flying fish colors. A house full of teenagers on summer break opened our encyclopedia and searched the Internet for information on many of the 421 breeds of fish featured in this program, wholeheartedly agreeing with the claim that this program is a pocket- sized aquarium. [Read More]
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